Contract manufacturing is a convenient solution.

Contract manufacturing is a convenient solution.

We operate for many brands as an OEM contract manufacturer as well. Products are packaged in our production according to the customer’s wishes and requirements, either as components or as ready-to-sell packages.

If you are interested in contract manufacturing opportunities, please contact our sales. Let’s figure out together how we can serve you in contract manufacturing.

Cooperation with us is easy.

Meeting & Getting acquainted

Contact our sales and make an appointment. We can make an appointment at your office or at our factory in Hanko.

Surveying & Solution

We survey your situation and your needs. We make custom-made solutions for your needs. We can give a solution proposal while meeting with you and modify it as needed.


We are constantly developing our cooperation with our customers. If needed, we provide training on the features and usage of the filters.

At your service

Our specialists will gladly help you with questions about indoor air. Please contact our team either directly by phone, email or via the contact form below.

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