Filter Cabinets

We always produce filter cabinets according to the customer's needs.

Filter cabinets for different premises are made according to the customer’s wishes. We have delivered basic versions and e.g. acid proof filter cabinets.

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Filtrasept housings with integrated EPA/HEPA filters are designed to provide air filtration and distribution in one unit. Viruses, bacteria and dust particles are filtered out of the airstream immediately before the air outlet, eliminating the risks associated with central system filtration, such as cross contamination in the ventilation ducts.

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NG filter duct housings are solid-built housings, suitable for air flows of up to 12,000 m3/h. The housings can be used for the installation of various filter types, are fast and easy to assemble and available in several sizes.

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Mounting Frames

MANN+HUMMEL Mounting Frames are compatible with a wide range of air filters.

Quick and easy filter replacement

Compatible with a wide range of air filters

Stable, compact design

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