Comprehensive and custom-made solutions for your needs.

We specialize in comprehensive healthy air solutions – we custom-make our products according to the customer’s needs and operating environment in close cooperation with our customers. Collaborative innovations are at the heart of our operations and we continuously develop unique solutions for new destinations and devices.


We manufacture and design air filtration solutions for demanding industrial processes and production plants.


Hospitals & Laboratories

The challenging conditions in cleanrooms in hospitals and laboratories are solved with the right design and filter selections.


Premises & Real Estate

Our clean indoor air expertise provides a solution for a healthy working and living environment.


Contract Manufacturing

We also operate for many brands as an OEM contract manufacturer.


Sales & Private Labeling

Thanks to our distributors, our extensive sales network covers entire Finland. We deliver the products directly from our factory in Hanko. Our salespeople make visits all over Finland – make an appointment for a survey or product demonstration.

We also work as an OEM contract manufacturer (end product manufacturer) for many brands. The products are packaged in our factory according to the customer’s brand requirements and delivered in the customer’s own packaging.

Customization & Product Development

We continuously develop our products together with our customers and partners for cleaner indoor air and meet the changing demands of the industry.

We manufacture and custom-make the filters according to your needs, as clean indoor air belongs to everyone regardless of the need. We produce special, custom-made filters ourselves which ensures fast and flexible delivery times. Contact us and let us know your requirements – we will find a solution.

Shipping & Packaging

If necessary, transport contracts will be handled conveniently and cheaply through our shipping agreements. Our logistics partners are PostNord and Kaukokiito.

The filters are packed according to customer specification. In general, the products are packaged in easily recyclable cardboard boxes for real estate and machinery.

Surveying & Training

We provide training for service personnel on the features of the filters, their use and their technical matters.

We continuously make surveys for our customers on the use of filters and possible new needs. In the surveys we check that the filters are used in the correct way and provide instructions on how to use the them.

We also offer measurements of air quality with a particulate calculator to map the impact of chemical and biological exposure in your working environment. Based on the measurements we are able to recommend comprehensive air purification solutions for a healthier working environment.

At your service

Our specialists will gladly help you with questions about indoor air. Please contact our team either directly by phone, email or via the contact form below.

+358 19 248 2518