Our Story

Filterpak is a Finnish air filter company, that offers air purification solutions. Today’s Filterpak manufactures and custom-makes air filters, contract manufactures private label products, actively and continuously develops products and imports MANN+HUMMEL air filters. Filterpak also produces high-quality NeSu face masks.

The vision of two brothers

In 2000, brothers Thomas and Peter Nordlund decided to buy Filterpak’s business from its previous owners. The following year, the current production and business premises were invested in a pleasant landscape next to the port of Hanko village. In 2014, Filterpak made a major investment, which contributed to the current growth. From the very beginning, the vision has been to build a company that promotes human health in their everyday life with innovations and serves as a pillar of support for their employees.

The determination for improving working conditions and making production more efficient have been successful to date. Formerly a single-product manufacturer, Filterpak has been purposefully transformed into an in-house manufacturing and customization company whose product development is constantly evolving. In 2021, Filterpak has grown from being a one-man garage company to a pioneer of clean and healthy air, employing 55 people.

A solution-oriented approach

The growth and development of Filterpak has always been based on a unique vision of solving problems. The operating philosophy “Never say no” is one of the cornerstones of our company. We focus on solving challenges and problems in close collaboration with our customers, and we proactively develop new products to improve and facilitate our customers’ operations.

Today we focus on our core expertise, customer-oriented product development, collaborative innovations with our stakeholders, and custom-made products to meet customer needs. Cleaner and healthier indoor air is something we can all enjoy in our everyday lives.

We want to be more than a company

The core value of Filterpak is being humane – we constantly invest in improving working conditions and the wellbeing of our employees. We believe that by genuinely caring for our employees and our working environment, we are able to build the best possible company. As a family business, we want to be supported by our entire working community and allow for a long and meaningful career for all of us.

Responsibility first

Responsibility is a big part of our business whether it is about our employees, the environment or our work. Our company carries the Key Flag for Finnish work – it is important for us that our customers and partners know about our domestic operations.

We are also a member of the Indoor Air Quality Ecosystem (IAQe) and the Sisäilmayhdistys Ry.

Acquisition by M-Filter Group

In 2022 Filterpack became a part of M-Filter Group which consists of three companies: PL-Filter Oy, Filterpak Oy and M-Filter Oy Ab. M-Filter Group is specialised in different areas of filtration, and is one of the leading filter companies in Northern Europe. The group has a total of about 200 employees.

At your service

Our specialists will gladly help you with questions about indoor air. Please contact our team either directly by phone, email or via the contact form below.

+358 19 248 2518